Wildfires and Climate Change – Who’s to Blame?

Both human and natural factors are to blame for the recent rise in frequency of forest fires in the state of California. With thousands of buildings damaged or destroyed by wildfires in 2017, it’s clear that a new approach to the problem is needed. The first step is identifying the reasons for their occurrence, but that’s not a simple process. There are many factors contributing to this dangerous problem that threaten to permanently alter the California landscape.

Dangerous Ozone Levels

Ozone is a naturally occurring gas, but industrial processes have increased the levels of this gas to dangerous levels. This can lead to various illnesses, especially among segments of the population that are already vulnerable. It also contributes to global warming and the weather extremes common in California. More needs to be done to reduce these harmful levels of ozone in the atmosphere and companies like Bay Area Energy are providing potential solutions to the problem. This small California based company is competing against the big utility companies to provide access to alternate sources of supply of clean natural gas. With greater choice in the marketplace, the consumer is more likely to sign on for cleaner energy that doesn’t emit as many harmful gases into the atmosphere that contribute to smog and global warming.

Culpability of Utility Companies

Manufacturers aren’t the only ones to blame for the wildfires in California. Major utilities are also part of the problem. Their focus on expansion has led to some poor decision making leaving neighborhoods vulnerable to downed powerlines that pose a risk in areas already prone to fires due to their dry climate. A focus on clean, safe energy, such as that being offered by Bay Area Energy, can help reduce the reliance on these large companies that are part of the problem.

Over Development

The rise in global temperatures due to global warming has had a major impact in California where hot dry summers have become the norm. Many new subdivisions are built in dangerous areas, which become prone to wildfires because of the growth in population in California. If this expansion is to continue, more needs to be done to control or reduce the impact of global warming or the destruction or homes from wildfires will become commonplace.

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