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Bay Area Energy is a small California based company that believes strongly in the value of social entrepreneurship. They encourage recent graduates to join their team and run their own small businesses offering alternative sources of clean natural gas to consumers. It’s a way to help students, offer cleaner and more affordable energy sources for consumers, and to do their part to tackle global warming as well. Here are 5 ideas ...

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Wildfires and Climate Change – Who’s to Blame?

Both human and natural factors are to blame for the recent rise in frequency of forest fires in the state of California. With thousands of buildings damaged or destroyed by wildfires in 2017, it’s clear that a new approach to the problem is needed. The first step is identifying the reasons for their occurrence, but that’s not a simple process. There are many factors contributing to this dangerous problem ...

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Dealing with the Student Debt Problem in California

There are too many students graduating from college in California with unmanageable debt. The typical graduate has more than $30,000 in student loans to pay back when they leave school. If the problems going to be solved, it’s going to take the efforts of both public and private partners working together. There are a few different ideas that might provide some relief and we explore those below...

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